Raku Ceramics: Round Plaques, Rectangle Wall Hangings

Raku is low temperature firing technique evolved from Japan. Each piece is removed from a hot kiln and plunged into a pit of sawdust. The resulting smoke and flames interact with the piece making each piece unique.


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    California Poppy Egret I Border Plaque Egret II Border Plaque
    California PoppyEgret I Border PlaqueEgret II Border Plaque

    16 Inch Raku California Poppy Plaque

    Made from poppies pressed into the clay. Each plaque is unique.

    Egret I Border Plaque 16" in Diameter

    Flying Egret Plaque 16" in Diameter




    Egret III Border Plaque Joe's Egret Plaque Pelican Plaque
    Egret III Border PlaqueJoe's Egret PlaquePelican Plaque

    Egret III Border Plaque  16" in Diameter

    Inspired by a photo taken by Joseph Dick. It is a 16" round raku plaque. Each plaque gets it's color from the raku fire. Color for each plaque will very.

    Pelican Raku Plaque 16" in diameter




    Two Egret Two Egret Border Plaque Japanese Maple
    Two EgretTwo Egret Border PlaqueJapanese Maple

    Two Egret Raku Plaque 16" dia

    Two Egret Border Plaque  16" in Diameter

    Japanese Maple Nature Print Raku Wall Hanging 16"h x 8"w




    Custom 16" Raku Plaque Egret I Egret I
    Custom 16" Raku PlaqueEgret IEgret I

    Create your own 16" Raku Plaque

    Egret I Raku Plaque 16" dia

    Egret I Raku Wall Hanging

    16"h x 8"w




    1 - 12 of 25 items